Serving the citizens of central Louisiana by offering quality
resources for living successful lives.

  • Cultivate

    Cultivate is an after-school enrichment program that helps children develop the skills to become successful students.  We know sometimes some students need more assistance, explanation, and practice in certain areas to fully grasp the concepts that are presented at school. 
  • Undefeated

    Undefeated is a program for school-aged children on Wednesday evenings. The children are brought in by bus or by parents to our facility and are grouped by grade level in classes for the evening. We see children from a variety of backgrounds and we want them to know that no matter what they can come to Undefeated and find love and support.
  • Adult Literacy and ESL

    Adult Literacy Classes and English as a Second Language Classes are offered once a week on Wednesday evenings. There are adults of various ages and people who speak many different languages who participate in these classes and have been able to be successful in getting their GED and even graduating from college.
  • Home Buyers Club

    Our Home Buyers Club offers first-time homebuyers an opportunity to learn and walk through the home buying process with Red River Bank. The participants are committed to a 12-month partnership and can see what grants, loans, and other monies they qualify for. 
  • XChange

    Xchange is a ministry that creates an environment where people share struggles, find healing, encouragement, and strength in one another as they find God’s plan together. No matter what has happened to someone in life there can be healing from every hurt, hangup, or bad habit.
  • Homeless Ministry

    The goal for our Homeless Ministry today is to help keep people from becoming homeless. A lot of people are right on the cusp of being evicted or have run out of programs to turn to or find help from. It is our desire to work with them to get a life plan and help them get out of the cycle they are in.